Frequently Asked Questions

We accept most types of collectibles.

We specialize and accept the following categories (If your collectible is not shown on our list below, please reach out to us to see if we can help. We do our best to help sell ANY collectible!):

  • Sports Cards (Raw or Graded)
  • Non Sport Trading Cards (Raw or Graded)
  • TCG Cards (Pokemon/Yugioh/MTG, etc) (Graded)
  • Comic Books (Graded)
  • Coins/Currency (Graded)
  • Sealed Trading Card Boxes / Cases
  • Autographed Memorabilia (Must be authenticated by one of the following companies: JSA, PSA/DNA, Beckett, Panini Authentic, Fanatics, Upper Deck, TriStar, Leaf, Steiner, or SGC). If your item is authenticated by a company not listed above, please reach out to us to confirm we can accept your item.
  • Ticket Stubs (Graded)

Unsold Cards $2 Fee Per Card
$0.99 - $9.99 $3 Fee Per Card
$10.00 - $49.99 87%
$50.00 - $999.99 88%
$1,000 - $4,999.99 91%
$5,000+ 97% minus $250

Examples below for every rate:

If your item sells for $5.00 on eBay, you will receive $2.00 from us ($5-$3 fee) If your item sells for $20.00 on eBay, you will receive $17.40 from us (87%) If your item sells for $100.00 on eBay, you will receive $88.00 from us (88%) If your item sells for $1,000.00 on eBay, you will receive $910.00 from us (91%) If your item sells for $10,000.00 on eBay, you will receive $9,450.00 from us (97% - $250)

You are NOT responsible for ANY eBay fees. The only fee you pay is our table below, NOT a combination of both.

NO! The only fees you pay are in the structure shown below. We strive to have the BEST fee structure for collectibles that any consignment company can offer you.

We strive to have your items up as quickly as possible. Most consignments will be listed within 24-72 hours of receiving. If you submit an order of 100+ items, please allow upwards of 1 week for all items to be listed. If you need your items up faster for any reason, please reach out to us and we will try our best to accommodate.

While you are not required to give us any specific dates/times, YES! We do offer this option for our customers. Want your items to end on Sunday night? Done. How about having it end at 10:37 PM on a Tuesday? No problem. We only have our auctions end between 7:00 PM - Midnight EST Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. Please specify with your submission if you would like the items to end on a certain day/date/time, otherwise they will be sold between the hours and days shown above.

We allow eBay buyers 7 days to pay for auction wins. After the allotted time has passed, we will automatically relist your item to sell at auction again.

First, we strongly encourage you to only send in items that consistently sell for $10+. If you send in items that do not sell at auction, these items are still yours. You will have to inform us if you want your items back and you will be responsible to pay return shipping. But again, we STRONGLY encourage only sending in cards that sell for $10+ based on our fee structure. If your item(s) do not sell the first time, we will not re-list them.

The quicker buyers pay for your items, the quicker we can send you your funds. On average, payouts are sent 5-7 days after your item is paid for.

We offer Zelle, Paypal, ACH transfer, Check, or Wire Transfer for payouts.

First time customers, please fill out our payout information sheet. If you have submitted with us in the past, we will use your previous payout information. If you want this information changed, just let us know!

Please note the following fees from our bank / AMT Memorabilia attached for payouts:

  • Zelle = No Fee ($5K Payout Cap)
  • PayPal Goods = No Fee (No Cap) *PayPal Fees apply*
  • ACH Transfer = $5 Bank Transfer Fee ($20K Payout Cap)
  • Wire Transfer = $30 Bank Transfer Fee (No Cap)
  • Check = $5 Mailing Fee (No Cap)

We strongly encourage shipping your items with the very least a tracking number. For packaging your items, we suggest either a padded mailer or a box. Some customers prefer to ship with insurance. Please ship your items however you feel most comfortable. We are not responsible for damage or lost items while in transit to us. Once your items are in our possession, we hold all responsibilities.

ALL raw trading cards must be shipped in a penny sleeve and toploader. If your items are missing toploaders or placed within an incorrectly sized toploader, we will charge your account the cost of toploaders to correct the issue.

Please include your submission form / payment form with your items.

We suggest sending your submissions via USPS. For these USPS packages please mail to the following address:

AMT PO Box 100, Wyandotte, MI 48192

For UPS/FedEx shipments, please CONTACT us to receive our mailing address.

In most instances, No! You can send us as many items as you would like. We do offer special eBay exclusive events throughout the year where we may limit the amount of items that can be submitted. For these exclusive events we offer, this information will be posted thoroughly for everyone to see.

NO!!! Doing this is considered shill bidding, which is against eBay’s rules and guidelines. If we see you are shill bidding your items, we will no longer accept consignments from you in the future.